Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1st project for digital mixed media

I'm still recovering from the all-nighter it took to pull this one off; last night! I was pleased with it this morning and it printed well, but now I'm not as sure. I'm thinking there will be changes.
Here I included some process shots. Yes, I got in the bathtub to get reference for what was supposed to be a midnight swim with the beau, and some star-gazing. It ended up looking like we were just laying down on a surface. So it started with raw reference (taken by my super helpful and cooperative roomie Bridget), followed by some photoshop manipulation to find a color scheme and to push the lighting to make it looks moonlit. Then I painted in some cell shading and used the areas as a way to select scanned-in watercolor textures. Finished up with some water photos and a nebula, and voila! A "finished" illustration... maybe. :o)

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