Saturday, May 23, 2009

Junior year is OVER! plus, "Brides Nouveau"


I am beat!

BUT.... I am also, officially, a senior.

Goodbye Junior year.... you kinda sucked a little. However, here's to my summer internship at Portosa Studios working on designing art for Disney Cruise ships! WOOT!

Now, finals. Here's my final series of the year. I was looking at Audrey Kawasaki's technique (her assistant even responded to my email, I felt so special!) and Alphonse Mucha for inspiration and as a reference to Art Nouveau.

I was super excited about this project, but after spending the whole night in the studio and experiencing a scary encounter there with a delusional (and bleeding!) drunk dude, I was starting to feel a little annoyed with life, and the series.
However, after having time to recover and after not looking at them for a few days I am excited to keep tweaking them and to further dabble in this method this summer.

They looked so pretty before I colored them. :o[
They represent seasons (only 3, the assignment was a series of 3). Represented are (from left) winter, spring, and fall.


  1. sigh. i'm so jealous of your life..

  2. Love Mucha!! You captured his look. Good luck your senior year.

  3. omg, katie–brides nouveau! brillant! i love alphonse mucha! xD can't wait to see the finished product =]