Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Art project for a Liberal Arts class

I took Graphic Novels for fun last quarter (a liberal arts class, not an art class) but the final assignment was to write 18 panels of our own graphic novel. I did the direct translation of the Volsgung Saga and illustrated an excerpt from one of my favorite stories in it, when Sigmund and Sinfjotli don the skins. It was my first attempt at sequential art.

I enjoy working in this digitally-cut-paper style. It is also much faster than gradient meshes.
I'm considering developing a portfolio of each style.... like I have the time to do that :o[


  1. I loved that Illustration from Techniques, glad to see you incorperated it. ;) The new images are quite wonderful and the style fits the story well. Did you do this all in photoshop?

    Even though you say that you would love to develop a portfolio for each style, the fact that you have more than one page done in this particular style shows your ability to be consisitent in it. So I think its at least a good start. :D

    In personal opiniion the thrid page works the best while the second page is the weakest (in terms of clashing styles).

  2. I agree that the third page is where I finally figured out what I wanted to do with the darn thing. Plus I love wolves :o)

  3. We don't know each other but I love these illustrations. I'm putting together a lesson plan for a class that feature excerpts from "The Saga of the Volsungs" and, with your permission of course, I would love to show these to my students while we're reading this chapter. If you have any others from this book, I'd love to see them in a new post or you can email me at - thanks!