Friday, April 3, 2009

Reporter: Bachuss and Boxed Wine

Another Reporter Online illustration. It will be up soon at You can also check out the site to see my illustrations in actions by looking at the current or older mags, either flipping through the pixelated version digitally, or by downlaoding the pdfs.
This was continuing on the theme of my previous wine tasting series, this one is about boxed wines. My art director asked me to do it in the same styles as the previous wine tasting series. So I did an ink-wash painting and manipulated the colors in photoshop to simulate the use of white, and blush wines.

I like puns, this one was unintentional at first and is sort of a stretch; Bacuss-ed Wine.... ? :o)

Anyway, it was a last minute, panic-stricken piece, but overall I like it!

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