Thursday, April 23, 2009

You're never really ready, it's just your turn.

Katie's growing up! So I registered for my first quarter of (ahhh!!) SENIOR YEAR yesterday morning. Here's what I'll be up to in the fall.

PLUS, I got a proverbial kick in the ass the other day and finally had to solve my lack-of-website problem, and my poorly maintained resume.

So, now you can check out my portfolio blog,

and finally, here's what I've been up to with my resume design.
I like peacocks, why fight it anymore?
Here's my header. On cover letters it is
a smaller peacock and longer line, as well
as resting at the bottom of the page.

Exciting and scary all at once! Much too soon and also overdue.
As Ty Murray put it in Dancing with the stars, "Dancing [or life] is like riding bulls. You're never really ready, it's just your turn."

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