Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Visual Essay: B Horrors and Pulp Fiction= Modern Tabloid Drama

Here's my overdue project for Visual Essay. These are in the process of becoming paintings (I will post wip's most likely tomorrow) but here is my "photosketches". I enjoyed the graphic design element to these and after all the work I put into the photo montages I almost wished I could call these finished illustrations. However they're just a bit too sloppy and not high enough dpi, maybe next time I will avoid that if I'm going to spend so much time on a "sketch". Still I couldn't call these "illustrations" it just didn't feel right. Even if most of the images were of my own creation. Almost all photos were shot by myself or my roommate. The only found images are Lindsay's face and one hand, Britney's face and the city she is stepping on (which actually a shot of a Kenyan city- crazy right?), and Tom Cruise's face. All the bodies are either myself, my roommate, or my boyfriend (maybe you can guess who is who. Bridget and I actually appear in two each.)

Wow, that was a long explanation with a lot of (...) and "...". Yeesh. Picture time!

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